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YES I LIVE. also screepcappery.

Now, after the, what, five people who've friended me get over their heart attacks at me updating my journal (SORRY! I've never really been one for updating well), I've got to say that, GUESS WHAT?


ANYWAY, I WAS READING zarla 's STUFF, AND HOW SHE WASN'T GOING TO DO THE REMAKE OF KQ2 ( or, King's Quest 2 for those not in the know), SO GUESS WHO'S GOING TO DO IT?


Anyway, yeah, that's awesome. This is my first time really doing something like this, so most likely, I'm going to really suck at it. Please be kind? ^^;

Edit: I think I'm going to make this where all my screencaps will be listed. If I make more than one, anyway. Which, at this point, is doubtful.


King's Quest 2 (or, II): Romancing the Stones:

Introduction time!
To civilization!
Look at all~ the eggs!
Yeah, I couldn't help myself. I've been on the YouTubes, and FINALLY rediscovered Zorori again, as well as a few new things. Let's go in any sort of random order I feel like! :3

Well, let's start with Zorori. I found out about the show a few years ago, but only got to see one episode before the person who had Zorori, and all these other Japanese showed was basically purged of all their videos. It really sucked. So, I went for a long time without it, when I finally found another person with all the episodes. Needless to say, I squealed for joy. The show is just awesome! X3 Here are all the episodes, starting with the first one:


It'll cycle through all the episodes there are. Have fun!

Next is Figyu@Mate/Figu@Mate (the name changes around oddly) If you listen to the music, and don't know Japanese (like me! XD), this seems perfectly innocent. The video however, is kind of pervy, but not extremely so... until you listen to the Lyrics. Yes, this is an opening for an Ecchi game. And I want to play it SO BADLY. XD *shakes fist at the addicting crack music, which is a gimmick in and of itself*

Finally, I'll end this with one last adopted fandom thing. I've found Dokuro-Chan. If you guys don't know who she is, then do I have a video for you!

However, I must WARN you. No, really. This thing is pretty adult content. However, I can't tell you why, or it will ruin everything. However, THIS is the reason why I need to put an adult warning on this journal. Seriously.

Um, hi world... ._.;

Yeah, if you can't tell, I'm cheap. :D Anyway, it's nice to meet all of you. Anyway, I'm kind of lazy, and I'm a little nervous about what and what not to talk about... Anyway, I decided that, rather that just putting in stuff all at once, you guys can ask questions about me, and I'll answer them. however, here, I'm going to be frank with you. In other words; don't ask about things you don't want to know.

Oh! But I will have what I'm reading at the moment. Right now...

Reading: Well, I don't think it's something you guys would be interested in, let's just say. ^_^;;;;