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This is what happens when you get your ideas from TV-Tropes.

I've been working on a crot for one of my classes, and I thought of the pieces might be relevant to your interests. The crot is basically talking about "What Measure is a Non-Cute", when it comes to endangered animals. If you aren't considered useful or cute, then there tends to be no concern about you. This part talks about the "useful" area, since, although whales are cute in their own way, they tend to be considered more useful dead than alive.

How this is wrong biologically:

1. Reproductive maturity (not actual reproduction) occurs around seven to ten

2. Females breed only every other year, and can wait two years between calves.

3. Gestation can take from 9-18 months.

4. Females give birth to a single calf.

5. Nursing can take more than a year in many species of whale.

6. Japanese fleet harpooned more than 1000 whales in 2008, mostly minke and fin whales, although it dropped plans to cull 50 humpbacks.

7. Less than 3000 fin whales currently remain in that region.

How this is wrong economically:

1. The largest whale is the Blue Whale, which is 374,850 pounds when you measure the largest size (Seven metric tons short of the largest whale ever measured accurately). There are 7,786,640 people in the city of Cairo, the largest city in Africa. If we split a whale this size equally to all the people, each one wouldn’t even get a pound of meat. They wouldn’t even get a tenth of a pound of meat. Each person would get 4% of a pound of meat.

2. Whaling kills off “friendly” whales that aren’t afraid of boats, and thus makes it harder for whale-watching businesses to even get started.

3. Whales aren’t being hunted to be eaten by regular people. Not even all the parts are used. They kill them to sell to the highest bidder as a delicacy.

Almost all of the above information can be found on Wikipedia. #6 in the biology section was found on “” in the article, Let us kill and eat whale: Japanese.The math in #1 of the economic section is partially from wikipedia, partially from my own calculations.

Or, for the tl;dr version of all of this;

Yeah, this is probably kind of dumb, especially since I can't get it in the form it is on word. Also making fun of Jay Naylor is pretty old.
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